Membership in Venetian Pools Community Association, Inc. (VPCA) is comprised of Lifetime and Honorary Memberships.

Lifetime Memberships

There is one type of lifetime membership.

Membership may be granted to individuals at least eighteen years of age or who are otherwise emancipated.

Membership may also be granted to family groups consisting of one to two adults and their dependent children, if any, in one common household.  A dependent is a chid and/or parent of a member over half of whose support in the calendar year before the pool season was received from the member.   If a child over twenty-five years of age or a parent of a member requests to be acknowledged as a dpendent, the member shall provide proof of dependency before a membership card is issued.

Payment of Fees

Lifetime Members must pay both an initiation fee and yearly dues, commencing the first year of use. Both the initiation fee and that season’s yearly dues are payable in full at the time a Lifetime Membership is offered. Yearly dues for subsequent seasons will be billed by early February and are due in full no later than March 1st of each year. A $100 late charge will apply if dues sent are postmarked on or after March 2nd.

Dues not sent and postmarked by March 15th will be considered lapsed, and the membership will be redeemed.


Redemption is the surrender of your Lifetime Membership back to VPCA, permanently terminating your membership in the Association. Redemptions may take place from January 1 through May 15 of each year. To redeem, you must surrender your membership certificate.  If you have lost your certificate, please submit a letter stating so, your wish to redeem and signature(s) of member(s) listed on certificate. Send your certificate or letter to:

Patricia Blumberg
VPCA Membership Administrator
1182 Oakdale Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30307

For those members entitled to a redemption percentage, it will usually take 2 weeks to issue your redemption check. Your redemption check will be in the amount of the redemption value of your membership as specified on your Membership Certificate.
Note: Redemption returns are no longer offered for memberships issued in 2007 and later. The Initiation Fee paid is non-refundable.
If you have questions, please email to: membership@venetianpools.org

Honorary Memberships

Eleven Honorary Memberships were issued at the inception of VPCA and Peter Smith also received an Honorary Membership in 1998. There are now eleven of these memberships remaining. Honorary members pay no dues, have no voting rights, and these memberships may not be redeemed, converted, or inherited.


Waiting List Procedure: Those wishing to become members of VPCA must fill out an application: VPCA Membership Application. Applications can be printed off this website, or can be requested by leaving a message on the pool’s voice mail system. (404-377-7946). A non-refundable $100.00 application fee must accompany each application. Your place on the waiting list is determined by your postmark. Memberships are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis in accordance with VPCA Bylaws.

Those on the waiting list will be mailed a letter each year by June 1st., that notifies them of their place on the list and includes a pass for a free day of swimming in August.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

VPCA does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, family structure, disability, or sexual orientation.