Pool Rules and Regulations

For the pdf file of the pool rules and regulations: Venetian Pools Rules and Regulations

Pool Area

  • No glass, sharp objects, or hazardous materials may be brought to the pool or pool area.
  • No chewing gum is allowed at the pool or pool area.
  • Venetian Pools is a smoke-free facility.
  • Walk only. No running is allowed on the pool deck.
  • No rowdy or unruly behavior such as horseplay, fighting, or excessive splashing is permitted.  With “ponyplay”, be sure that the person always enters the water feet first.
  • No food or drink is allowed within five feet (5’) of the pool.
  • Skateboards and other wheeled vehicles may not be ridden on the pool property. The only exceptions are strollers and wheelchairs.  Bicycles should be walked to the rack.
  • Everyone must change in a locker room.  There is no deck changing.
  • No animals other than seeing-eye dogs are allowed in the pool area.

Alcohol and Mind-Altering Substances

All intoxicated persons will be ejected from the VPCA premises.  This is regardless of the intoxicating substance utilized.

  • Underage drinking is prohibited.


Swimming without a lifeguard present is prohibited.

  • Swimming suits with a swim lining must be worn in the pool. No street clothes or cut-offs are allowed in the pool.
  • All persons should shower and rinse thoroughly before entering the pool.
  • No spitting, spouting, blowing of the nose, or any bodily excretion is allowed in the pool.
  • No large flotation devices, such as rafts, large inner tubes, or large inflatable objects are allowed. Use of Coast Guard Approved flotation devices for non-swimmers (children & adults) is recommended but not required.
  • Any non-swimmers and/or children with flotation devices in the main pool must be accompanied in the pool by a responsible swimmer age 14 or older.  Non-swimmers are restricted to the shallow pool area.
  • No flotation ring devices for infants are allowed.
  • Parents must directly supervise their children in the baby pool.
  • No hard projectiles, such as tennis balls or hard balls, may be used in the pool.
  • Kickboards are for instructional use or lap swimming only. Use the blue pool kickboards.  Do not use the red swim team kickboards.  Lifeguards will take away any kickboards being used improperly. You may bring your own kickboard to the pool, but you must follow these rules.
  • Lap lanes are for lap swimmers only. When more than two swimmers are in a lap lane, swimmers must circle-swim.
  • No swimming under or over the lap lane lines. No hanging on the lap lane lines.


Diving is allowed only in designated areas.

  • No diving from the pool side in the shallow section or from someone’s shoulders or other body part.
  • No swimming is permitted under the diving board area. All divers must exit the pool using the ladder to the right.
  • Only one person at a time may be on the diving board, board ladder, or braces.
  • Wait to dive until the previous diver is at the ladder.
  • Dive straight off the end of the board only.
  • No double bouncing on the diving board.
  • Fancy dives must be supervised.


Obey the lifeguards. If a lifeguard views a situation as potentially dangerous to any members, he or she will require that members adhere to safety precautions. This may include discontinued use of an unsafe toy or flotation device. The lifeguards are the ultimate authority over all pool safety issues. Problems should be taken to the Manager or Assistant Manager.

  • Do not engage in unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards while they are watching the pool.
  • The Pool Manager and staff, in their discretion, are responsible for the enforcement of all rules and regulations of VPCA regarding pool use. They are authorized to pursue such actions that may be reasonable and appropriate to such enforcement. Such actions may include, but are in no way limited to: the issuing of a warning; the policing of an area; the temporary suspension of the use of VPCA facilities; or the ejection of an individual from VPCA premises. Further suspension or termination of membership rights for repeated violations shall be at the sole discretion of the VPCA Board of Directors. 

Children and Babysitters

All children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or a babysitter.

  • The minimum age of a babysitter is 14 years.
  • Children may be accompanied by a babysitter at no additional cost to the member. When accompanying the child the babysitter must:
    • have been listed on the “Information Update” that is required when paying annual dues.  If the babysitter is new, the parent must notify the front desk before the babysitter arrives at the pool.
    • be able to produce a picture ID for identification if requested
    • Children 12 years of age and older are permitted use of the pool without an adult accompanying them at the parent’s discretion.
    • Remember that the lifeguards and other pool staff are NOT RESPONSIBLE for looking after your children. The lifeguards are there to watch swimmers only. Unsupervised children under 12 will be asked to contact a guardian to be picked up immediately from the pool.


Use of the pool and other facilities of VPCA are reserved exclusively for members, their dependents, and guests. Guests will be admitted to the pool only when accompanied by a member, and after registration at the front office and payment of the appropriate guest fee.  Unauthorized guests will be asked to leave.  While current policy does not limit the number of times an individual or family may be invited as guests to the pool during the course of the summer, the policy was not intended to result in members consistently bringing the same non-members to the pool on a regular basis.

  • Swim lessons at VPCA are for members only.
  • Guest fees are $3 each guest Monday-Thursday, $5 each guest Friday-Sunday, and $5 each guest holidays.   There is a special fee for a limited number of guests for the Fourth of July celebration.  Any member bringing more than six guests will be required to follow the procedure for reserving a party.
  • VPCA reserves the right to eject or refuse admittance of any person to its facilities.

Pool Contamination

Any member or guest experiencing stomach problems, intestinal discomfort or diarrhea is asked to refrain from swimming.  Parents of young children are asked to monitor their child’s health to insure that they are not experiencing any similar conditions.

  • Wait four (4) days after the diarrhea symptoms have passed before you enter the pool.
  • Practice good hygiene and wash and shower before entering the pool.
  • Refrain from swallowing any pool water or allowing it in your mouth.
  • Non-toilet trained children must wear watertight, specially designed swim diapers and leak-proof, plastic pants.  These are available for purchase in the Snack Bar.  They should be monitored and frequently changed in order to avoid any leakage.  Lifeguards have the right and responsibility to remove children from the pool who are not in compliance with this rule.
  • Diaper changing must take place in the changing rooms only. Both parent and child need to wash themselves thoroughly before re-entering the pools and pool area.
  • Young, non-diapered children (4-10 years old) should also be monitored to ensure they visit the toilet facilities regularly.
  • There will be a ten (10) minute rest period every hour from 50 minutes after the hour to the top of the hour for all under the age of 16 years.  We encourage parents to explain to their children the meaning of this break, especially if they are hosting a pool party.
  • Parents need to be diligent in explaining to their children how important it is to exercise good hygiene around the pool facilities.  

Reaction to Pool Contamination

All pool contaminations must be reported to the pool staff (manager or assistant manager) as soon as they happen.

  • There is no interest in shaming, embarrassing or making anyone feel unwelcome at Venetian, but it is absolutely essential that all contaminations be reported so that the staff can take the appropriate measures to insure a safe pool.
  • In the event of formed fecal stool, blood or vomit contamination, the pool will be cleared and all contaminate material removed. The pool will be reopened thirty minutes after a proper cleaning.
  • In the event of diarrhea contamination, the pool will be cleared and closed until the chlorine level has been brought up to 20 PPM (parts per million) for ten hours and then allowed to return to its normal level. The amount of time may vary due to circumstances beyond our control but is usually achieved in less than 24 hours.
  • If fecal contamination occurs and is not reported or it cannot be determined if it is the result of diarrhea, it will be treated as a diarrhea contamination. 

Inclement Weather

No one may enter the pool until 30 minutes after thunder was last heard.

  • The pool deck should be cleared when lightning is sighted.  You may stay in the Dance Hall or locker rooms when there is lightning.

Locker Rooms

No children older than 5 years may go into the opposite gender locker room.

  • Lockers with locks are available for rental in the mens’ and womens’ locker rooms.  The fee is $30 for the season.  Sign up and pay for a locker at the front desk.

Parking Lot

The parking lot is for use only when you are utilizing the pool.  Use caution when parking on the adjacent side streets.

  • Protect your valuables and your vehicle.
    • Place valuables in trunk BEFORE you arrive, not AFTER.
    • Every time you leave your car:
      • Lock all windows and doors.
      • Remove GPS and mounts.
      • Remove cell phone/smart phone.
      • Remove laptop/tablet computers.
      • Remove ALL electronic cords and power sources
      • Remove book bags, briefcases, shopping bags, gym bags and purses. 


Revised 03.09.2014