Party Policy

How to Reserve a Party:

For all pool party reservations, please email Caitlin McQuade at SwimAtlanta, SwimAtlanta will schedule all pool parties and provide information regarding booking additional lifeguards. You will then be contacted by a Venetian board member with information regarding fees owed to Venetian.

What constitutes a party?

If you are bringing more than six (6) guests, you are required to book and pay as a party. Parties may be in the Dance Hall, on the Wooden Deck, or at the Voasis.  At any particular time, there may be only two simultaneous parties with only one party per area.  A party in the Dance Hall is limited to the Dance Hall and the pool. Parties are limited to 30 people, including all party hosts and guests.

If your party has 25-30 people, you will need to pay for an extra lifeguard during the party.

Who counts as a guest?

Venetian members are considered party guests if they are invited to your party.  Adult supervisors are considered party guests (there must be at least 1 adult for every 5 children).  All non-members are guests.  There is a guest fee for non-member guests.  All Venetian member and non-member guests must be included on your Party Roster Form.

Adult Supervision Requirement

There must be one adult supervisor for every 5 guests under the age of 18 years.  The adult supervisors are considered guests and must be included in the total guest number. The adult supervisors should assist with monitoring and controlling behavior and be aware of all pool rules.  They are to be in close proximity to the under-18 year old guests.

Member Responsibilities

The sponsoring member is responsible for:

  • Reserving the party as described below.
  • Submitting the completed Party Roster Form to no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the party. Failure to comply will result in cancellation of the party booking.
  • Paying the Rental Fee and Guest Fee (if applicable) on the day of the party. The Reservation Deposit may be used to pay the Rental Fee.
  • Personally being at the party from start to finish.
  • Accepting FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the conduct of all party guests.
  • Cleaning the area where the party was held after the party.  Brooms and dustpans are available at the front desk.

Party Fees:

  • All fees must be payed through the pool’s PayPal account, which is Once you have booked a party with Swim Atlanta, someone will contact you with the total amount due for your party.
  • Reservation Deposit: $30.00
    • Must be paid within 48 hours of party confirmation
    • Deposit is refundable when all post-party cleaning is completed
    • Rental Fee: $30
    • Guest Fee for Non-member Guests: $3 each guest Monday-Thursday, $5 each guest Friday-Sunday, and $5 each guest holidays.

Pool Availability for Parties:

The pool is available for parties during open pool hours.

The pool is not available for parties during:

  • Opening Weekend
  • Memorial Day Weekend—Sat, Sun, Mon
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day Weekend—Sat, Sun, Mon
  • During Swim Team practice
  • Before 2 PM during Summer Camp
  • During Swim Team meets at home
  • Any Friday after 5 PM
  • Special pool events such as Swim-a-thon, Luau

 If you have more questions, inquire at the pool’s front desk or e-mail Caitlin McQuade,

Revised 6.14.2019